About Epyon Oil

The Company:

Epyon Oil is a US based energy company with operations across the nation.  We have experienced rapid growth from our start in early 2012 in New York.  Currently, we have 4 locations producing oil in the northern United States with more to come in the southern tier.   Exploratory ventures into the northern Midwest regions have brought us to the North Dakota and Montana regions in Bakken area.  With 38,000 acres of oil rich land to work with, our first drilling project is set to take off January 4, 2013 in the Bakken.

The Epyon Oil Creed:

Results are only as important as the steps we take to achieve them.  Epyon Oil has a strict code of ethics and values, and we believe this produces a company culture that is best poised to maintain both positive and competitive returns for investors.  We believe that a company-wide atmosphere of reliability, honesty, and dedication produces the positive results that Epyon Oil is founded on.

We maintain strict guidelines for employee safety and health.  Our employees are our greatest assets, and we ensure that they are given the tools and knowledge required to perform their duties in a safe manner.  At Epyon Oil, there is no such thing as a necessary injury.  We endeavor to prevent all work-place injuries by sustaining rigid company safety procedures and our perpetual goal is to attain zero personal injuries.

Epyon Oil has great respect for the environment and local communities. We are always taking new steps to further advance our already stringent policies for minimizing our environmental impact.  A light footprint is one of the keys to sustained development.  The other key is our contribution to the communities that we operate within.  We have the upmost dedication to our communities, and maintain strict transparency.  We respect the rights of the population and work with them to create solutions that provide our required results without damaging the environment or the lifestyle of those around us.

Mission Statement:

Epyon Oil is on a mission of productivity and efficiency. We are focused on providing as much energy as possible while maintaining a light environmental footprint. We strive for high yield while maintaining employee safety, company responsibility, and community outreach. We are driven and agile. We are Epyon Oil. We are your partners for a better future.


The oil & gas industry has had a positive effect on Montana's economy. You can click on the infographic to learn more.

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