Economic Impact of Oil & Gas Industry on Montana

The oil and gas industry has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Montana’s economy.  The oil and gas industry is responsible for a disproportional amount of value when compared against the number of employees working directly within the industry.  Oil and gas is by far the highest value industry in terms of Montana’s total output, and it’s employees are well taken care of, with annual compensation high above the state average.  We’ve created a brief infographic to demonstrate some of these points.  Click below:


Mission Statement:

Epyon Oil is on a mission of productivity and efficiency. We are focused on providing as much energy as possible while maintaining a light environmental footprint. We strive for high yield while maintaining employee safety, company responsibility, and community outreach. We are driven and agile. We are Epyon Oil. We are your partners for a better future.


The oil & gas industry has had a positive effect on Montana's economy. You can click on the infographic to learn more.

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